Celebrating over 20 years in business!

Bay Brewing Centre has been serving North Bay, Ontario, and surrounding area with fine wine and beer production since 1992. Owner Jeff Snell started working for Bay Brewing Centre as a shop helper in 1999 and purchased the business in 2006.
We are a brew-on-premise operation, offering our customers assistance to produce premium beers, wines, and wine coolers for personal consumption, at a fraction of retail prices. We provide quality ingredients, brewing expertise, and individual guidance from our friendly staff. We believe that good service will always be remembered.

What is a brew-on-premise facility, and how does it work?

A brew-on-premise facility is where you come to make your own beer or wine. The process is simple, fast, and fun. To start, you pick your flavour, and then the staff assists in mixing the ingredients. You get to pitch the yeast to start fermentation! The mixing process for wine takes approximately five minutes. The beer-mixing process takes about 15 minutes. After that, Jeff and the staff at Bay Brewing Centre take care of all the producing stages until your product is ready.
You return at a scheduled date to package your product. You have a choice of many packaging options (see the beer and wine sections for more details). Packaging your wine takes 10 to 30 minutes. Packaging your beer takes 15 to 90 minutes.

You will leave with a great tasting product that you can proudly serve to your family and friends. And you will be happy with all the money you saved!

Come to see us at 62 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay, or contact us today.